Medical Furniture

Various Syst Medical

"Various Syst Medical" adds functions from system storage furniture "Various Syst," equipped with dispensing trays, drug safes, etc.
Combining units according to application, the storage system can be used in hospital reception areas, prescription filling drugstores, etc.

  • Medical Record Storage Cabinet

    Medical records essential for medical care are efficiently stored. Dividers in the cabinet facilitate arrangement of medical records and improve retrieval efficiency.
  • Medical Record Sliding Storage Cabinet

    Ideal for storing a large volume of medical records. Select according to storage volume.

  • X-Ray Film Filing Cabinet

    Envelopes containing 14"×17" or 14"×14" X-ray films can be filed and stored.
  • Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet

    System storage furniture using SUS304 which withstands corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Ideal for use in a wide range of scenes including hospitals, clean rooms, and factories.