About Us

About Us

  • Operating Bases
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Business Outline


President and Representative Director
Tetsuo Tsurumi

For over 60 years since our foundation in 1956, we have designed filing cabinets by making use of our original suspension rail technology and pursued research and development of specializing in high quality storage furniture products. We currently offer a variety of products for offices, factories, medical services and other fields.
Now that market needs are becoming increasingly diversified and complicated, further ingenuity is required to enhance and distinguish quality, environment and services. We pursue creative design and manufacturing that can satisfy our customers by gathering the knowledge and energy of all our employees. We will continue to focus our efforts on becoming a company that can earn an even higher level of trust from customers.

Business Overview

  • Office Furniture
    System storage furniture
    Sliding archives
    Filing cabinets
    Card cabinets
    Drawing Storage Cases, etc.
  • Factory Furniture
    Tool case wagons
    Tool cabinets
    Tool wagons
    Tool units
    Workbenches, etc.
  • Medical Furniture
    System storage furniture
    Medical records storage cabinet
    X-ray film storage cabinet
    Medical records sliding storage cabinet
    Stainless steel storage cabinets, etc.
  • About OEM Products
    Flat display stands
    Projector wagons
    Individual storage boxes, etc.
  • Power Generation Business
  • Power generation business using natural energy (solar power)

We generate eco-friendly electricity from solar power by efficiently using the geographical conditions of the Suzuka Plant, where there are no multistory buildings and electricity can be generated under stable insolation.