Office Furniture

System Storage Furniture “Various Syst”


System storage furniture that can respond to various office scenes

Various Syst consists of six types of units – storage, safety, personal, utility, counter and space. This is a new form of system storage furniture that exceeds the conventional framework of storage and has developed into a tool to produce a creative office that activates communication in response to diversified office scenes and locations.

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You can select an ideal storage unit from a wide variety that matches all kinds of office scenes. Modules of all sizes from the most standard ones to characteristic ones are available so that you can select a module that perfectly fits your storage needs.

Products related to Various Syst

Various Syst Slide Unit


Space-saving sliding type unit

Highly efficient, space-saving sliding type system storage furniture with double or triple storage capacity. This space-saving unit capable of storing a large volume of materials or books fully utilizes limited space, with a function that archives in front of each other and serve as sliding units.

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Various Syst Counter VP Type

バリアスシスト カウンターVP型

A combination counter unit which can be laid out according to your space.

By combining high counters, low counters, or wheelchair counters, an ideal layout for your office can be realized. By using Various Syst storage units, various high counters can be created.

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Filing Cabinets


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Cabinets that can store and search files efficiently. Systematic filing without waste is possible.

Card Cabinets


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Ideal for storing cards and slips. Systematic filing without waste is possible./p>

Drawing Storage Cases


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Various large sheets including drawings can be stored without being folded.

Desk Cabinets


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Compact cabinets that can be easily used on a desk for arranging cards and slips.

Magazine Racks


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Racks for organizing magazines and catalogues. The latest issues can be stored on a door surface while back issues are stored inside the rack.