Factory Furniture

  • Tool Case Wagon TWZ Type

    An all-in-one type wagon with sufficient storage capacity and mobility for pit work or maintenance work in various parts of a factory.
  • Heavy Tool Cabinet KCH Type

    Suitable for storing heavy tools or parts. The maximum withstand load of each drawer is 200 kg. Superior robustness and durability.
  • Medium-Weight Tool Cabinet TBN Type

    Ideal cabinet for storing small items such as screws, nuts and bolts. The maximum withstand load of each drawer is 100 kg. Compact and space-saving.
  • Lightweight Tool Cabinet PA Type

    A relatively light cabinet for storing a wide range of small to large items. The maximum withstand load of each drawer is 50 kg. The drawers can be partitioned into grid sections with lengthwise and crosswise partitioning boards.
  • Mini Tool Cabinet MT Type

    The smallest size cabinet for storing small items, which can be placed anywhere such as on the desk and inside a storage cabinet.
  • Tool Wagons

    Multipurpose wagons that can be easily moved to anywhere they are required.
    Convenient size to be coordinated with a workbench.
  • Tool Unit TU Type

    System furniture with unified width and depth. By combining the necessary number of units according to storage purpose, an efficient layout without waste can be realized.
  • Workbench - Steel Top Board, Wooden Top Board & Lonleum Top Board

    A workbench series with three different types of top boards: steel, wood and lonleum. Select the top board type according to the application.
  • Workbench WT Type (Face-to-Face Type)

    Laminated plywood is used as the core material. A face-to-face type with sufficient space to work on both sides of the bench.
  • Work Bench Light

    A bench for light work with a soft color scheme of gray and black.
    Various sizes are available for the top board (withstand load: 300 kg).