New Products

Near-future Design Tool Case Wagon TWZ

This wagon raises the level of innovation for tool storage with its design and color, matching factories of the future. The wagon includes large casters with improved traveling performance and latch devices as standard equipment.

Storage Unit 'BLACK'

Black paint type that enhances the image of space one rank higher
The black storage cabinet can produce space with a special atmosphere.
The painted surface is specially processed so that stains do not stand out when touched by bare hands.
The walnut wooden top boards are processed in the same way to prevent stains from standing out.

Utility Unit 'BOUND'

Produces a classy and selected feel as an office partition
Decorative storage cabinet placed in the middle of the office by using solid-looking top boards and end panels will improve the texture of a storage cabinet.
Along with the MAGNET series, BOUND also can be a device to attract office workers.